Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Customer Churn Prediction

In today's competitive conditions, keeping current customers is less costly than winning new customers. This is the biggest reason that makes Churn analysis important.

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

We have created a score by analyzing each customer with the model we have established. As a result, it is possible to determine which customer is more valuable for your company.

Survival Analysis

Survival analysis, which is similar to Churn analysis, is used to predict when customers will stop using your service.

Fraud Detection

By analyzing the normal behavior data of the individuals, we can determine the abnormal situations that will occur outside the normal behaviors by using machine learning methods.

Anomaly Detection

With the analysis of normal data in any category and processing with the necessary statistical methods, we provide the detection of anomalies that may occur on this data by machine learning.

Price Prediction

Price estimation analysis, we can name it as a price suggestion. In particular, we develop this system, which you can integrate into e-commerce sites, using machine learning. It is a system that offers a price suggestion after first analyzing the product and then comparing it with the market data.